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Peter Flowers

Hello, I’m Peter and I’m originally from Cookham, a small picturesque village in Berkshire on the Thames. I moved to Bicester several years ago and share a house with my wonderful wife Natasha, daughter Bethany and Harrison our youngest.

I’ve had a passion for photography for many years and have spent a long time photographing equestrian events around the UK. I have to blame this on my wife; she is the rider in the family. Although I’ve had riding lessons I still can’t find the brake when I need it. I tend to stay grounded with my camera, it’s much safer.

I started shooting weddings back in 2010 and haven’t looked back, starting with friends weddings, then assisting and shooting with other professionals at every opportunity. This allowed me to find my feet and to let me find my own style of shooting.

Most weekends during the summer are busy with weddings, either my own bookings or working for others, but if I’m not in wedding mode then there is a good chance I’ll be having some family time and rest!

Like many people I’m not a fan of having my own photo taken so I can empathise with a lot of my clients when I point a camera at them. I do try and make it as painless as possible!

So that’s a little about me and my life, but how am I going to treat you if you decided to contact me about your wedding?

My clients always come first. Once a date is in my diary, I will work everything else around it. I limit myself to a certain number of weddings a year, allowing me to put as much attention and energy into your wedding as possible and to help me keep a healthy balanced life style outside of work too! A happy photographer will do a good job; a stressed photographer who takes on too much won’t give you the results you deserve.

I don’t skimp on equipment, all my cameras are full frame Nikon DSLR’s and I use professional grade lenses to capture shots in the darkest of churches. I carry spare cameras, lenses, lights and batteries , very rarely, if ever do I have any equipment failures. Plus, if I fall over and break my arm (lets hope not!) I can find coverage from a trusted group of photographers very easily. Fortunately I don’t make a habit of breaking my limbs as I’ve not missed a single appointment so far!

I aim to provide a professional service to every client at an affordable price as I know it’s very easy to over spend on your wedding budget!

I hope my prices are easy to understand. If you have any more questions why not have a read of my FAQ section and if you can’t find what you are looking for in there, do feel free to get in touch!

I am more than happy to come for an informal chat one weekend or evening and I promise no awkward sales pitch, that, is certainly not my angle.


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