Should you get Wedding Insurance?

As a Bicester Wedding Photographer I’ve seen a few disasters in my time and although I didn’t get insurance to cover my own wedding, I do look back and believe it would have been a sensible thing to do.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Basically its a policy that covers you financially if something ruins your big day, or it has to be cancelled or postponed and with the average cost of a wedding being around £20,000 it is clear to see why wedding insurance should be a consideration when budgeting for your big day.

So, what does wedding insurance cover?

Well there are all sorts of varying levels of cover available and it doesn’t matter what sort of wedding you are planning. Be it a civil ceremony or a church wedding, or even if you are getting married overseas, most policies will cover you for a standard set of problems should they arise.

wedding insurance
  • Number one is an accident, illness or even bereavement within the wedding party where the venue has to be rearranged, or worse, cancelled.
  • Cancellation due to supplier failure. This may for example be because of the supplier going out of business and obviously includes the venues too!
  • Damage to your wedding dress or hired suits.
  • Loss of wedding rings.
  • Damage to the wedding car(s), cake, flowers and even failure to receive them.
  • Retake or rebooking for photographer and videographer.
  • Personal Liability and legal expenses.

Additional cover

Many companies will allow you the option to take additional cover for those extra special things that make your wedding unique. Maybe you are hiring a marquee, why not insure it in case a guests burns it down with a cigarette!

What isn’t covered?

I can’t tell you this. Read your policy…twice! However, most policies would exclude cover for a situation that you already knew about, if either partner changes their mind, or if you decide you cannot afford to go ahead. Most insurers have strict rules on theft too, so double-check what’s included. Some will not cover theft of outfits from a vehicle unless they are in a locked boot and covered with the parcel shelf.

Do I need it?

This really depends on how worried you are about things going wrong and how important peace of mind is to you.

How much should I insure my wedding for?

Put together a spreadsheet and tally up all your expenditure for the wedding day. Remember to include the venue, rings, dress, suits, flowers, cake, cars. Even simple things like stationary add up.

When should I buy the insurance?

You can get insurance months, even years in advance and some companies will allow you to take out insurance the day before! But only if “you know of no reason which may cause you to incur a claim before you purchase your policy”.

How do I choose which policy?

Its a bit like home insurance, its tailored to you. Call up a few companies and get some quotes, read the policies and decide which suits you.

Good luck finding the right policy for you, there are plenty of comparison websites out there to assist you. Don’t forget to do your homework!

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