Why have a Second Photographer?

On Sunday (Star Wars Day for those die hard sci-fi fans) I had the pleasure of helping a good friend and fellow wedding photographer Martin, photograph the wedding of Katy and Andy at Woodborough Hall in Nottingham.  I often get asked to be a second photographer at various venues outside Oxfordshire, which as a Bicester wedding photographer is fantastic, as I get to shoot at places that are not in my own catchment area, places I would unlikely ever see!

As a second photographer you don’t have the same responsibilities as the lead photographer and this gives you a little more creative freedom. During a year I will probably shoot as many weddings as a second photographer as I will shoot my own. Its great to work with other people, it keeps you on your toes and there is always something new to learn and will often result in ideas for your own weddings.

The most basic fact is that two photographers can be in two places at once. They can also be in the same room shooting at two different vantage points. For example, that moment when the bride and groom turn around in the ceremony, when the room is asked….”If anyone knows of any lawful impediment why this couple shouldn’t marry…” You can’t capture a face when its turned away from you…but your second can! Or a church wedding where the vicar is not a fan of the photographer moving around….it can be a life saver.

Once the ceremony is over, another photographer can be worth their weight in gold. In the knowledge that they are busy capturing detail shots and candid moments a lead photographer can relax and not worry about rushing the formal photographs. However, on occasions couples will have a list of formal shots as long as you arm, which is fine if that is what they want, but quite often don’t realise just how long it takes. Having a second photographer who can also double up as an assistant and round people up is a god send. A good second photographer will also do a few drink runs, keeping you topped up. Most weddings where I do all day coverage are hard work with very few stop gaps for food or drink, so just having someone hand you a glass of water is most welcome.

Of course last but not least, a second photographer is going to produce more pictures! Result!

Its never too late to get a second professional wedding photographer, so if you are worried about any parts of your day being missed, simply have a look at my prices page and contact me if the budget allows.

Finally, after my bit of waffle, here are a few candid and detail shots taken at Katy and Andy’s wedding. As you might guess, it had a bit of a Marvel comic theme, but no super hero t-shirts this time…..damn!

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