Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Books – Pricing and Options

These gorgeous printed hard backed Coffee Table Books all come with 40 pages as standard and will contain a minimum of 60 images. Each album is designed with your favourite photos from your wedding day and can be personalised with a cover photo or a linen cover.

Smaller versions are also available for parents and guests.

Albums can take a number of days to design and take several weeks for delivery…but they are most certainly worth the wait.

Album Size

Printed Paper

Lay Flat Paper

Photographic Paper

30x30cm £295.00 £345.00 £495.00
25x35cm £295.00 £495.00
25x25cm, A4 £265.00 £325.00 £435.00

Duplicate Album

50% Discount

Parent Albums

20x20cm, A5 £165.00 £195 £249.00
Book Wrap £40
Parent Book Wrap £30

Printed Guest Books

15x15cm x 4 £165
10x10cm x 8 £165
10x14cm x 8 £165

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If you would like an album with all your favourite pictures don’t hesitate to ask. They can be included into your package so you have something to look forward to after your honeymoon is over, or purchase after you wedding day when funds allow.

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