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As a Bicester Wedding Photographer I often visit clients and get asked how I am able to blur the backgrounds of pictures and leave only a certain part of it in focus.

This is something that is done in camera (usually) using professional grade lenses. Cheap lenses are still capable of this effect, but the quality of the background blur doesn’t look as nice or appealing as a pro grade lens.

Isolating the subject and getting the background to blur is a great way to make the eye focus onto the area of the picture you want the viewer to look at first.

The next couple of pictures show the background blurred then the foreground blurred, taken only a few seconds apart.

Bicester Wedding Photographer Blur


Bicester Wedding Photographer Blur

These were taken with my Sigma 35mm Art lens, which is fast becoming the most used lens in my bag. The image quality is amazing and being able to open the aperture up to 1.4 makes the above process so much easier. But that’s another story which will keep to another short and sweet update where I may even explain “Bokeh” and “Depth of Field”. 🙂

So, quality lenses and equipment do go towards producing quality work and if you are getting married in Oxfordshire and are looking for a documentary bicester wedding photographer then I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me for a friendly no obligation chat about your wedding plans.

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